“Team work makes dream work” has been more of a slogan that has been chanted allover in organizations, public offices, political rallies and other places. For companies in the events management industry, this mantra means more to their productivity and brand activation initiatives. Every employee as well as the organization has goals that need to […]Continue Reading


The importance of events management in Singapore can never be underrated. As a matter of fact, this is the time you need it more than ever. It is no secret that the competition in the market has become cutthroat. Every company is fighting tooth and tail to get that additional customer. In addition, the economy […]Continue Reading


The rate at which brands rise and wane in today’s fast changing business scene is overwhelming. Lots of brands that seemed promising at one instance have fallen into the abyss cialis free trial of anonymity with little being mentioned about them. However, the question that needs to be addressed is, “can these brands ever see […]Continue Reading


On January 2013, the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) was established to activate and enforce the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012 (PDPA). The PDPA is a law governing the collection, disclosure, and use of personal data today that will be fully in effect for event agencies in June 2014. Their job? To educate organizations […]Continue Reading


Seismic shifts are happening in the Brand Activation field, and attendees at the Brand Activation Association’s annual Marketing Conference (being held March 26-27 in Chicago) will learn from the best about how to handle the changes. Marketers from top-end brands, including Coca-Cola, Kraft, McDonalds, Benjamin Moore, and JetBlue will be on hand sharing their success […]Continue Reading


Consider the ants; they are very little organisms but if you see what they manage to build, you simply are carried away. What is the secret behind their achievement? The simple answer to this question is teamwork. Put into our context, teamwork is vital in basically all fields including business, politics, sports as well as all aspects of life.Continue Reading