Kenneth Tong, The Joy Advocator

Kenneth TongA positive influence in the company, our boss is one always in favour of spreading happiness. Regardless of the challenges and setbacks, our Joy Advocator is able to stay cheerful, inspiring the company to follow his lead. Provider of creative ideas, he is able to settle minds and dispel worries, ensuring clients and employees alike that the show will go on.

Mabel Tan, The Guardian

Mabel TanThe Guardian of OGLians who guides and mentors to achieve their best capabilities. She brings forth 20 years of expertise from the corporate world. As a General Manager of Administration, she is also responsible for overseeing all administrative functions of the business. Decision-making is another important duty, analysing situations and determining the best course of action for the company.


The Rainmakers

Our project executives are our Rainmakers, dedicated to bringing in new businesses and winning new accounts, contributing to an already impressive company portfolio. Our Rainmakers tailor each and every business solution to our clients’ needs, providing the rain and relief to their droughts. Approaching client’s accounts from all angles, our objectives are to Morph impressions, Incubate ideas & trends, Change mindsets and to Empower lifestyles.