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Source: Brand Association Association

Seismic shifts are happening in the Brand Activation field, and attendees at the Brand Activation Association’s annual Marketing Conference (being held March 26-27 in Chicago) will learn from the best about how to handle the changes. Marketers from top-end brands, including Coca-Cola, Kraft, McDonalds, Benjamin Moore, and JetBlue will be on hand sharing their success stories.

The conference will have several general-focus sessions led by senior marketers along with breakout sessions for deeper, specific information on brand activation. Therefore, attendees can go from learning how to bring their brand strategy to life, dealing with increasingly ADHD customers, or handling the new customer-centric, ultra-connected world — to learning practical how-to details on applying brand activation to their business.

The conference will have presentations covering the six different Brand Activation drivers and how to bring them together for best results. These drivers are:

– Promotion Marketing
– Experiential Marketing
– Content Marketing
– Retailer Marketing
– Relationship Marketing
– Influencer Marketing

Attendees will learn how all six drivers combine to build a long term deep emotional connection between the customer and the brand.

What Is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is a cutting-edge marketing term which refers to bringing the brand’s spirit to life. Well executed brand activation makes a brand active in its market, building the brand’s reputation along with its results. Most importantly, this creates trust between society, customer and the brand itself — since trust is a key factor in bringing the client to buy, brand activation can produce tremendous and long-lasting results.

Who Will Be Presenting At The Conference?

The conference’s featured presenters include:
– George Leon, EVP for Worldwide Consumer Marketing at Sony Pictures
– Marty St. George, SVP for Marketing at JetBlue
– David Melancon, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Benjamin Moore
– John Lewicki, Head of Global Alliances at McDonalds
– Guy Duncan, Global Creative Content Director at Coca-Cola

Apart from these “headliners,” expect brand activation experts from Ford Motor Co., United Airlines, McDonalds Canada, and many more.

What Is the Brand Activation Association?

Previously known as the Promotional Marketing Association or PMA, the Brand Activation Association is a non-profit trade association covering all marketing disciplines which motivate customer behavior, activate buying response, and build up brands. It represents over $750 billion in sales.


Whether you’re a marketing agency, brand marketer, supplier, or lawyer, the upcoming “Shift Happens” will be an excellent opportunity to learn about all the latest trends. You’ll find out what’s working and what’s not from people who do these things every day. The information is current, the conference is fun and educational, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to network.