Our Story


Perseverance and Grit

In 1989, Kenneth founded his own business. With a headcount of two persons and an invisible army of suppliers and part-timers, OGL delivered small wins, resulting in bigger and bigger projects.

Learning and Moving On

Through much trials and tribulations, along with the assistance of OGL’s many interns to come, both the business and Kenneth evolved.


Small Team, Big Wins

Since 2015, OGL retained what worked best. A small, dedicated team. Kenneth decided to place OGL in the background and the people we support in the spotlight.

Man vs Machine

In the world of technology, we believe in the personal, human touch. That is what we value in life and we want that to shine through with everyone we work with.


Empowering People

Our mature workers want to stay active and be needed. Our next generation want to learn and experience. We want to sustain that space for both to do so, while providing a service to each other and others.

Transforming Work

We also introduce technology to support our people at work, so they may focus on what matters.